SBR Made in Singapore & Designed in Singapore Awards

Daviscomms wins SBR Designed in Singapore Award for Healthcare

Daviscomms won the Designed In Singapore Award in Healthcare for its efforts to improve personal protection of the elderly through its MD5 Mobile Personal Emergency Response Device.

Photizo Global Pte. Ltd. Wins SBR Designed in Singapore Fixtures and Fittings Category Award

Photizo’s iCore™ Smart IoT Urban Pole merges functionality and aesthetics in one.

This zero-emission electric cabin motorbike redefines sustainability on city roads

The KBi Vigorous combines high performance, speed, and safety in the comfort of a fully covered vehicle, in one compact package. 

Vitasoy clinches top product excellence award for Unicurd Silken Box Tofu Twin Pack

It won the trophy in the Food category at the Made in Singapore Awards.

Alpha Bodytec Pte. Ltd. wins SBR Designed in Singapore award in the Fitness Technology Apparel category

Alpha Bodytec Pte. Ltd. has made health and fitness accessible to all, even without vigorous activity, through its cutting-edge Electrical Muscular Stimulation technology.

Sealed Air Singapore provides innovative and sustainable packaging solutions

Its TemPreserve™ Insulative Foam and Quikwrap™ Nano paper solutions were recognised at the Made in Singapore Awards and Designed in Singapore Awards, respectively.

PerkinElmer’s pioneering technologies are the gold standard in heavy metals analysis

Its ICP-OES instruments detect dangerous pollutants and keep the global supply chain safe.

Kino Biotech Pte Ltd Wins SBR Designed in Singapore Award for food

Kinohimitsu's Essence of Chicken is made with only 100% pure essence of chicken, free from preservatives, colourings, flavourings and is the only essence of chicken product in Singapore awarded the Healthier Choice Symbol.

Akribis Systems Pte Ltd recognised at the Made in Singapore Awards 2021 for pick and place machine innovation

The Singaporean company has its eyes set on increasing manufacturing output with their new Akribis Picker (APK) Series. 

Find out who won at this year's SBR Made in Singapore and Designed in Singapore Awards

Winners will be awarded from the first to the second week of December.