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Lee Kum Kee wins Manufacturing Asia Awards for biogas power generation project

The company is transforming waste into energy to achieve sustainable development.

Lee Kum Kee wins Manufacturing Asia Awards for biogas power generation project

The company is transforming waste into energy to achieve sustainable development.

Century Pacific Food bags the Philippines Excellence Award - Food accolade at the 2023 Asian Export Awards

It successfully demonstrated that a new Asian brand can penetrate top global markets in a new category, establishing itself as a global market leader in plant-based canned food.

Millennium Group International Holdings bags Manufacturing Asia Awards for innovative perfume brand design

The perfume brand design features a constellation concept with illuminating effects to create a vibrant and lively atmosphere.

NCS Science wins Lean Manufacturing Initiative of the Year - Healthcare at Manufacturing Asia Award

With a commendable 15% reduction in production costs and a notable 30% decrease in overtime, NCS Science's success in lean manufacturing resonates, affirming its commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction.

ZTE reaps two major accolades in Telecommunications at the 2023 Manufacturing Asia Awards

The company continues to push the boundaries of innovation, addressing the unique challenges of the telecommunications industry with cutting-edge solutions.

Tyson International Claims Double Victory at 2023 Manufacturing Asia and FMCG Awards

These awards recognise the company’s commitment to excellence and innovation in both quality control and customer-centric campaigns.

Cultivating trust, exporting value: PSL Cashew clinches Vietnam Export Product of the Year at Asian Export Awards

Known for its full traceability, PSL Cashew, part of the PSL Group operating under the Pompous Group of Companies, has set new benchmarks for excellence, sustainability, and community values within the global cashew nut industry.

Tyson Foods Malaysia sweeps four major awards at FMCG Asia Awards and Manufacturing Asia Awards 2023  

The company’s success shows how dedication to innovation, operational excellence, and customer-centricity can thrive in today's competitive business landscape. 

Vinda Malaysia triumphs at the 2023 Manufacturing Asia Awards with two outstanding accolades

Its double win underscores the company's groundbreaking initiatives in the improvement of automated inspection systems in the production of hygiene products. 

Exceptional companies lauded at Manufacturing Asia Awards, Asian Export Awards 2023 

The event recognised groundbreaking technologies, sustainable practices, and transformative contributions driving Asia's export and manufacturing prowess.

Scaling excellence in fresh fruit exports: Platinum Fruits recognised for its supply chain initiative at the Asian Export Awards 2023

With a history spanning three decades, it has consistently delivered the freshest and highest-quality fruits to markets across Asia and Europe.

Deloitte's Richard Loi highlights key strategies for successful business growth in the manufacturing and export sectors  

Building resilience involves adopting Industry 4.0 practices, embracing sustainability, staying innovative, and maintaining a resilient manufacturing pyramid.  

KPMG’s Chiu Wu Hong: Diversification, digitalisation, sustainability vital in enhancing supply chains for resilience, efficiency

Discover the KPMG Partner’s expert insights on supply chain resilience, tax strategies, operational challenges, sustainability, and digital transformation.

Continuous risk management crucial amidst evolving business needs, market changes – RSM Singapore’s Elayne Kuah

Companies must stay informed about changing regulations and market conditions, as well as maintain open communication with providers to manage risks and adjust when necessary.

RSM Singapore’s Chong Cheng Yuan stresses critical role of operational excellence, financial reporting accuracy in manufacturing

The RSM Singapore Partner shed light on key aspects of operational excellence and financial reporting accuracy, such as optimal manufacturing practices, efficient supply chain management, and the role of a capable finance team.

EY's Atul Chandna delves into key strategies for balancing manufacturing output excellence, integrating sustainability

Atul Chandna highlights the role of supply chain resilience, technological innovation, sustainability, and operational excellence in the manufacturing and export sectors.

Manufacturing Asia Awards 2023 and Asian Export Awards 2023 nominations now open

The awards programmes celebrate innovation and excellence in Asia's manufacturing and export scene.