SOLIDWORKS irons out its long-term strategy amidst evolving industry

CEO Manish Kumar says ‘the sky’s the limit’ as top-level involvement in product development directs the company’s strategic trajectory.

AI ethics debate spurs IP rights discussion in design manufacturing

Industry experts from Dassault Systèmes say human creativity is irreplaceable.

QARGOS utilises 3DEXPERIENCE for electric cargo vehicles in India

The platform enables QARGOS engineers to collaborate on the virtual twin of their product.

Only one out of 10 businesses are not using AI

However, only 40% of the workforce carries the necessary cybersecurity skills companies need.

Dassault Systèmes, Cadence Design collabs for new electromechanical system

The partnership hopes to accelerate mechatronics system development while optimising designs for various factors such as performance, reliability, and cost.

South Korean startup, Infineon Technologies to offer in-cabin sensing solution

The newly launched radar can provide safety monitoring solutions.

Ecolohas launches smart energy storage system tech for sustainable homes

The smart energy storage systems are durable, waterproof, and dustproof.