PSB Bike champions eco-friendly innovation amidst market challenges

PSB Bike champions eco-friendly innovation amidst market challenges

Innovation and sustainability drives new bicycle gear developments today.

PSB Bike is making strides towards sustainability and innovation with the Eco Hatch brake pad model designed to reduce heavy metal pollution by eliminating copper from its compound.

Travis Huang, an Industrial Designer at PSB Bike, revealed how the company is adapting to meet the dual challenges of consumer demand and environmental responsibility.

“Innovation is at the core of what we do,” Huang said, underscoring the company's commitment to developing new products that respond to market needs while pushing the boundaries of what's possible in bike design and functionality.

"Our R&D team also tried real hard this year to provide products that create less pollution such as a brake pad model called Eco hatch that we eliminate the copper inside the compound," Huang explained. 

This initiative is particularly timely, as it aligns with the stringent European regulations requiring the reduction of harmful materials in automotive components.

Beyond product innovation, PSB Bike is taking comprehensive steps to ensure its operations reflect a deep commitment to environmental stewardship. The company is on a mission to reduce its ecological footprint by adopting practices that minimise pollution and waste. 

“We develop and design products that use less materials, but with better quality and we also try to extend our products lifespan so we can decrease the product replacement,” Huang highlights. 

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