Manufacturing industry to grow globally as technology develops

Manufacturing industry to grow globally as technology develops

As 3D printing and additive manufacturing evolve, industry leaders forecast a surge in global manufacturing capabilities.

The global print production market is projected to increase by nearly $26 billion annually by 2030, driven by the evolving landscape of 3D printing and additive manufacturing.

Luke Rodgers, the Senior Research and Development Director of Materials at Jabil, explained the significant role additive manufacturing plays in this growth trajectory. “We see additive manufacturing continuing to proliferate globally as the technologies become more robust and economical,” he said.

Jabil's recent survey revealed a staggering 97% of participants employing 3D printing for the production of functional parts. This trend is expected to accelerate, pushing the boundaries of manufacturing capabilities worldwide.

According to Rodgers, the distinct challenges and opportunities in Asia, particularly in the polymer additive manufacturing sector, play a pivotal role in this global upsurge. He said that despite the recent easing of global supply chain disruptions, logistics disturbances present a persisting concern.

“Local for local manufacturing and 3D printing materials will continue to grow,” he asserted, emphasizing the ongoing push towards regional manufacturing resilience in Asia.

“[Jabil] provides robust, efficient, and cost-effective solutions for our customers,” Rodgers remarked. He emphasized the importance of considering the overall carbon footprint and supply chain risks in manufacturing.

Rodgers also mentioned that Jabil employs additive manufacturing not only for local production but also for creating fixtures and jigs that enhance the manufacturing process, thereby improving overall efficiency and sustainability.

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