Fidlock seizes performance-driven bike accessory market

Fidlock seizes performance-driven bike accessory market

There should be focus on performance-oriented bike accessories amidst sourcing challenges.

Amidst evolving consumer preferences, Fidlock prioritises performance-oriented products that offer ease of use and enhance riding pleasure. 

Herr Holger Knorr, Sales Director at Fidlock, highlighted the brand's Twist bottle as a prime example, emphasising its innovative design that transforms hydration into a joyful experience for cyclists. 

“So our main consumers would like to have performance orientated products, which are easy to use, which brings them back joy and pleasure,” he said.

Navigating sourcing challenges, Fidlock undergoes optimization measures to ensure seamless manufacturing processes. Knorr reflected on the bicycle boom two years ago, acknowledging the surge in demand and the subsequent need for efficient production methods.

“Of course, we were just one brand out of a lot of brands, but we optimised everything.So we optimised our complete production so that we don't have any big challenges currently,” he said.

Despite overstocking issues in the bicycle market, Knorr remains optimistic about growth opportunities for Fidlock. While bicycles and helmets face challenges, accessories present a promising avenue for expansion.

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