Eco-friendly saddles launched amidst rising environmental concerns

Eco-friendly saddles launched amidst rising environmental concerns

Selle Italia introduces the Model X saddle.

Selle Italia, known for its high-performance cycling saddles, is confronting the pressing issue of sustainability within the cycling industry. Enrico Grando, Marketing & Communication Manager at Selle Italia, detailed the company's strategic response to increasing demands for environmentally responsible products. 

Amidst growing global environmental concerns, the company has innovated with a new line of eco-friendly products, showcasing a commitment to reducing its carbon footprint and leading the industry towards a more sustainable future.

By employing patented technology, the company has successfully eliminated the use of harmful materials such as glues and solvents in the production process. 

Grando highlighted, "This initiative is not just about creating sustainable products; it's about setting a new standard within the cycling industry." 

These products, including the Model X saddle, demonstrate notable advancements in reducing CO2 emissions during manufacturing, achieving a more than 30% reduction compared to traditional methods.

Moreover, the launch of the GT1 saddle, part of the urban collection, embodies the same commitment to environmental stewardship, featuring eco-friendly materials and production methods. 

Grando emphasised the importance of local production, with all materials sourced and assembled within a 10-kilometre radius of their headquarters, significantly minimising the environmental impact associated with transportation and logistics.

Client feedback has reflected a positive shift in attitudes towards sustainability, particularly during and after the COVID-19 pandemic. According to Grando, there has been a noticeable change in client interest, with an increasing number of bike brands seeking sustainable components for their products. 

In response to changing customer preferences, Selle Italia is not only focusing on sustainability but also on incorporating advanced technology into their products. Grando pointed out the growing popularity of 3D printed saddles among consumers, indicating a market that values both innovation and sustainability. 

"Our customers are looking for new, sustainable materials combined with cutting-edge technology," he said.

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