Cytiva doubles India's manufacturing capacity with new Pune facility

Cytiva doubles India's manufacturing capacity with new Pune facility

The 33,000 square foot facility aligns with India's vision to become a global biopharma hub.

India’s manufacturing capacity will double as Cytiva opens a new manufacturing facility and experience center in Pune, pushing the country a few steps further to be a global biopharma hub.

Rajan Sankaran, Commercial General Manager, India, Cytiva, said that the new facility is a response to help India deliver their self-reliance vision and the National Biotechnology Development Strategy.

“The facility, which stands on 33,000 square feet, will double the size of manufacturing capacity in India, where we will produce equipment including tangential flow virus, inactivation virus filtration skills,” he said, “The experience center will provide critical training programs which will help to develop the talents what the industry needs.”

With India's recent dip in the global ranking for meeting Sustainable Development Goals, Sankaran points out that the new facility was constructed using complete green pro materials, with water systems providing 46 percent water efficiency.

“Designing sustainability is how we would like to do the business and is a key priority for sitework globally. In India, we want to do our part in supporting India's sustainability goals as well,” Sankaran said, “We used 73 percent of the construction waste for landfills. Plus we used energy efficient air conditioning power systems.”

He mentioned that the building was awarded a gold certification from the Indian Green Building Council for meeting all sustainability targets.

According to Cytiva’s 2023 global biopharma resilience index, a significant 63% of biopharma industry executives in India foresee significant growth in the biosimilars sector over the next three years.

“Executives also said that, you know, there is a big challenge in getting access to the acute manual equipment, and this is where outside of our strategy of putting this new manufacturing facility will help because it helps reduce equipment manufacturing costs to customers,” Sankaran said.

He added that 35 to 40% of the materials used in the new facility are sourced locally, underscoring the company’s commitment to nurturing the local ecosystem.

Cytiva's Pune facility, with its Experience Center, global R&D, validation services, and Fast Track Services, offers a variety of solutions that promise to further India's biotech space's dynamic growth.

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