Cycling industry warned on using incompatible bike components

Cycling industry warned on using incompatible bike components

There should be a focus on safety-driven innovations and cost strategies in bicycle trading.

With a focus on consumer safety, Asia Bicycle Trading Company emphasises the importance of proper assembly and adherence to recommended specifications.

Edmund Troy Tung, Executive Assistant to the President, highlighted the risks associated with using incompatible components, particularly in eBIKE systems, cautioning against potential hazards such as fire alarms and product damage.

He said that by prioritising safety protocols and educating consumers, the company aims to mitigate risks and uphold quality standards in bicycle design and gear.

For beginners entering the cycling realm, Asia Bicycle Trading Company advises on the essential accessory: the frame. Tung underscores the role of the frame in determining bike size, emphasising its significance in ensuring a comfortable and ergonomic riding experience. 

He said that by prioritising frame selection, novice cyclists can lay a solid foundation for their biking journey, aligning with the company's commitment to customer satisfaction and product integrity.

In maximising product costing, Asia Bicycle Trading Company adopts a tailored approach based on client budgets and target prices. Tung outlines the company's strategy of offering economic products to clients with budget constraints while providing top-notch products to meet the demands of discerning European clientele.

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