Bicycle innovations drive market demand for tech-integrated frames

Bicycle innovations drive market demand for tech-integrated frames

Belt drive is amongst the most popular bicycle gears today.

The bicycle industry is witnessing a shift towards high-tech innovations, with consumers clamouring for advanced features integrated into bicycle frames. 

Steve Fenton, CEO of Pro-Lite, underscored the burgeoning demand for high-tech add-ons in bicycle frames, a trend driven by consumers' affinity for digital appliances and connectivity. 

As lifestyles become increasingly intertwined with technology, bicycle enthusiasts seek the convenience and functionality of modern gadgets seamlessly integrated into their riding experience. 

Pro-Lite responds to this demand by developing frames capable of incorporating LCD screens, power metres, and mini GPS systems, mirroring the convenience of automotive technology.

In addition to digital integration, Fenton sheds light on the challenges posed by evolving wheel technologies, particularly in relation to disc brakes. As the market witnesses a surge in affordable bikes equipped with disc brakes, the demand for compatible spare wheels escalates.

Amidst the proliferation of bicycle gear innovations, Fenton highlights the rising popularity of belt drive systems. With motor technology advancing rapidly, generating greater torque and acceleration, the durability of wheels becomes paramount. 

Pro-Lite's approach to wheel design ensures compatibility with belt drives and robust motors, addressing the evolving needs of cyclists and brand managers alike. Fenton's insights underscore Pro-Lite's commitment to technological excellence and consumer-centric innovation, positioning the company as a leader in the bicycle industry.

Addressing concerns about product accessibility and affordability, Fenton said that as a genuine manufacturer with full control over production costs, Pro-Lite maintains a competitive edge by streamlining operations and minimising overhead expenses. 

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